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Rubber Mats in Kingston

If you are looking to buy rubber gym mats in Kingston or around we can help you with this task. We deliver our products to Kingston, Trenton, Belleville and other towns along highways 401. Our great delivery service is only 30$ flat rate no matter how big or small the order is. We have also free pickup option at Kingslake Plaza right here in Kingston, we stop by there once a week.

Now, let us talk about mats, shall we? That is why you came to this page to start with. We offer variety of high quality products, which we selected and tested carefully. Our most popular rubber flooring option is 4×6′ rubber mats that are 1/2” thick. Made in Canada of good quality rubber they are firm and dense and help protect your floor while looking great and reducing impact of heavy weights.

These mats are low odor, dense and firm. They are recently produced, which is an important factor, as many mats on the market have being stored for a long time which degrades their quality. Our mats have no cracks or chips.

rubber gym mats Kingston
4×6” Rubber Mats

Here you can find all the rubber flooring products we have. Mats can also be used for CrossFit, horse stalls and boxes, horse walkways, hockey arenas, for renovations (to protect the floor while moving around equipment), as industrial flooring, and so on.

Apart from 4×6′ mats, which we also have in thicker version of 3/4”, our other popular item of rubber mats in Kingston is interlocking tiles, they are 2×2′ size and come in different thickness levels and in different colours.

interlocking mat
2×2′ 8mm thick interlocking tile

We also offer rubber mats in Ottawa.

Contact us or place your order to get rubber mats in Kingston for your gym, we will be happy to see you!

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  1. […] Our store offers different kinds of rubber flooring, that can be used in your home or commercial gym. Our most popular product is 4×6′ rubber mat that is 1/2” thick. We have rubber mats in Ottawa and we also offer them in Montreal and in Kingston. […]

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