Loadable Olympic Dumbbell Handle
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Loadable Olympic Dumbbell Handle

Loadable Olympic dumbbell handle redefines dumbbell training. These handles feature knurled grips for a secure hold, ensuring stability during workouts. The ergonomic design promotes proper hand placement, optimizing muscle engagement. With the ability to load Olympic weight plates, these handles provide customizable weight options, catering to all fitness levels. The versatility of Olympic dumbbell handles allows for a wide range of exercises, from presses to curls, delivering the benefits of traditional dumbbell training combined with the advantages of Olympic weightlifting equipment. Upgrade your training routine with these handles and experience a new level of performance and results in your strength journey.

Price for 1 Handle


  • Handle diameter: 28mm;
  • Weight: 5kg/11lbs;
  • Length: 20”.

Spring collars are also available for these dumbbell handles.

1 review for Loadable Olympic Dumbbell Handle
  1. TechExplorer263

    Several day ago I purchased 2 handles from mysportsshop and they have made a huge difference in my workouts. These handles are great because I can add Olympic plates to them, giving me more options for weight. They feel comfortable in my hands and provide stability during exercises. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to amp up their dumbbell workouts.

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