15lb Black Bumper Plate


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15lb Black Bumper Plate

15lb Black Bumper Plate is perfect for deadlifting as well as Olympic weightlifting style moves. With a rubber construction, they are shock-absorbent and help to protect your bar and floor when training. Our bumper plates are solid, high quality and made from resilient rubber. Inferior plates can be up to 10% off of claimed weight making it impossible to use. Rest assured all our plates are tested to give you exact claimed weight with accuracy of 99%.

Insert: Stainless steel

Diameter: 450mm – IWF Standard

Weight tolerance: 1%

Bounce: Medium

Warranty for 10lb and 15lb is 90 days (Must be used with combination of higher weights)

Warranty for 25lb to 55lb is 1 year

Also available in sets:

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