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Rubber training bumper plates  can be used in a variety of weight training exercises.
They are made with a stainless steel insert covered with a thick layer of rubber which absorbs the impact. They are safe to drop when performing Olympic weight lifts.
Additionally bumper plates help reduce noise, as well as protect flooring and equipment.


Colour coding serves a purpose of easy identification of the plates on the bar.
Colours help identify the weight loaded on the bar quickly and easily.
They also help to make sure both sides of the bar are loaded equally to avoid mistakes that can compromise safety.
Additional benefit of the colour coding is that it helps to keep the plates organized and find the needed weight easily, which can be useful especially in busy commercial gyms.

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Each plate has a 2” reinforced steel sleeve that fits Olympic barbells which helps  the plate to be loaded and unloaded easily form the bar. It also makes it durable and built for long-lasting use.

York colour rubber plates feature raised York Barbell Company logo as well as the weight of the plate. This design adds to their style and functionality.

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All the plate sizes from 10 to 45 pounds come in 450 mm diameter, which is standard by International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).
Accordingly the smaller sizes of 10 and 15 pounds have to made relatively thin.
They cannot be dropped on the barbell alone, as they may be damaged.
These sizes are designed to be dropped only in combination with bigger weight plates on the barbell.

Colour rubber bumper plates are versatile and can be used in other disciplines as well, such as HIIT, cross training and more. Their high quality materials and vibrant design will add character and energy to your home or commercial gym.

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The product comes with 1 year warranty of manufacturing defects.