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Rubber Gym Mats in Ottawa

Our store offers different kinds of rubber flooring, that can be used in your home or commercial gym. Our most popular product is 4×6′ rubber mat that is 1/2” thick. We have rubber mats in Ottawa and we also offer them in Montreal and in Kingston.

Rubber mats Ottawa
4×6′ 1/2” thick rubber mat

Made from high quality recycled rubber they are low odour, firm and dense. Rubber mats protect your floor and gym equipment. They can also be used as horse stall mats and other applications. Apart from 4×6 rubber gym mats in Ottawa, we also have mats of different thickness, as well as 2×2′ interlocking mats, you can see the whole selection of the mats we have here.

Delivery Or Pickup

Mats are available for pickup at Billings Bridge shopping centre once a week (meetup, no delivery charge). You can also benefit from our great delivery service. We charge a flat rate 30$ mo matter how big or small the order is.

We also deliver to Gatineau, Clarence-Rockland, Orleans, Kanata, Embrun, Casselman, Alexandria, and other towns in the area. If you need 4×6 rubber gym mats in Ottawa or other cities – we can help you!

Update Aug 22, 2023

We are grateful to our clients who keep recommending our mats to their friends. During the last year since this post was originally written we became one of the biggest suppliers of gym rubber mats in Ottawa and Gatineau (or the biggest, we don’t know exactly). We supply our mats not only to home and commercial gyms like always, but also to horse farms to be used as horse stall mats, dog kennels, hockey rinks, gym rooms in apartment buildings and so on.

We wanted to let you know about two other popular items in our store.

3/4 Inches Thick Mats

4×6′ 3/4” thick rubber mat

3/4 inch thick mat is even more heavy duty version of the 4x’ rubber mat intended for intense use and heavy weights popular for commercial gyms and large home setups. Here is what one of our clients had to say about these mats.

“I’m serious about training and I exercise at home, in an apartment. My power rack alone weights about 600 pounds plus all the weights, you can imagine. 3/4” mats is pretty much the only option for me as they distribute weight load more equally on the surface, without putting all the weight to the floor on power rack vertical posts. They are very sturdy. Noise reduction is another thing I found a solution for. Now similar mats at non fitness specialized stores would be 200$ each or more. With the cheap delivery option by My Sports Shop it was the best deal I could find.”

— Vincent Brisbois, Powerlifter

Gym Rubber Mat 4×6′ 8mm Black With White Speckles

Black Mats With Speckles

The other popular product we have is rubber 8mm thick 4×6′ mats with white speckles. These mats are easier to move around and cut to the exact size of your room. They look even better than plain black in the living room or in the office. They are easy to clean, provide good noise reduction as well as protection to the floors and equipment, you can use them for different applications. Just like our other mats it is a local production, made in Ontario.

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